Improving the quality of life of people with Down syndrome

The INCLUDE Data Coordinating Center (DCC) is making it easier for scientists and the Down syndrome community to work together. Matching the latest technology with shareable resources, we are building a system to improve healthcare and change lives.

Two individuals with Down syndrome
INCLUDE Data hubLaunching March 2022

Enabling discovery through collaborative resources, data integration and open science.

The INCLUDE DCC is creating a cloud-based, open, digital platform to easily access and share Down syndrome resources to maximize and accelerate research.

Search data

Search and filter available studies and build cohorts for analysis.

Explore biospecimens

View and explore available biospecimens and data using visualization tools.


Integrate with other data analysis platforms.

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An individual with Down syndrome together with a researcher
Photo courtesy of Global Down Syndrome Foundation

Collaborating with families & self advocates

The INCLUDE DCC works closely with DS-Connect®. DS-Connect is a helpful source of information for people with Down syndrome, their families and researchers. Using DS-Connect, families and self-advocates can:

Find medical providers

Find medical providers with experience with Down syndrome.


Learn more about participating in clinical studies.

Securely Register

Securely register your or a loved one’s health information to help researchers learn more about Down syndrome.


Connect with researchers and their projects.

Family of a child with Down syndrome share time together
Photo courtesy of Global Down Syndrome Foundation