Administrative Coordinating Center: Cardiovascular Development and Pediatric Cardiac Genomics Consortia

King, Eileen CatherineWhite, Peter S


The NHLBI's Bench to Bassinet Program (B2B) was launched to accelerate pediatric cardiovascular translational research from discovery to early translational testing to clinical testing. The B2B is comprised of the Cardiovascular Development Consortium (CvDC) and the Pediatric Cardiac Genomics Consortium (PCGC). The objectives of the CvDC are to generate and disseminate comprehensive data about molecular networks and pathways that regulate cardiovascular development. Objectives of the PCGC are to identify genetic causes of human congenital heart disease and to relate genetic variants present in the congenital heart disease patient population to clinical outcomes. The Administrative Coordinating Center (ACC) provides the infrastructure to enhance collaborations among the consortia and the NHLBI Pediatric Heart Network to identify and facilitate the translational research process for the most important pediatric cardiovascular clinical care problems. Our proposed ACC to support the CvDC and PCGC is a unique, integrated combination of world-leading pediatric cardiovascular and neurocognitive clinical/translational research expertise, advanced infrastructure, outstanding institutional support, and state-of- the-art technology. We believe these strengths to be critical for an ACC to successfully partner with the B2B program and NHLBI in leading the coordination of knowledge and data for this important pediatric cardiovascular research effort. (End of Abstract)

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