Update: INCLUDE DCC Goes to FIADOWN Conference in Costa Rica

Image of people with Down syndrome sitting on the floor with an FIADOWN event coordinator
Photo credit: Asociación Síndrome de Down de Costa Rica (ASIDOWN)

The INCLUDE DCC Team recently attended the VI Iberoamerican Conference on Down Syndrome (FIADOWN) in San Jose, Costa Rica, which brought together over 700+ attendees from 20 different countries, including people with Down syndrome (DS), parents, family members and professionals. This event was an exceptional opportunity to build awareness about DS research, and we are excited to have been a part of it.

Two of our INCLUDE team members attended the conference. Dr. Ignacio Tapia, an INCLUDE- funded investigator, gave two powerful presentations to families on the INCLUDE Project, its significance and the importance of participation in DS research. He spoke to families about the new developments in sleep medicine specific for individuals with DS. Dr. Tapia also addressed the professionals and medical community in a symposium where he spoke about the INCLUDE Project, INCLUDE DCC and the INCLUDE Data Hub. Linda Garcia from the NIH INCLUDE team also attended and shared valuable resources with the conference attendees. She encouraged them to participate in DS research through DS-Connect® at our booth, which was met with enthusiasm and resulted in fruitful conversations. We learned so much from the families and professionals.

Image of man in a suit presenting at FIADOWN
Photo credit: Asociación Síndrome de Down de Costa Rica (ASIDOWN)

Our participation in the FIADOWN Conference was a remarkable experience, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with so many people. We remain committed to building relationships with families and the research community across the globe, working together to enhance the lives of individuals with DS worldwide. The INCLUDE DCC team is confident that our efforts will continue to make a significant impact, and we look forward to future opportunities to engage with the international DS community.

Image of a person with Down syndrome interviewing INCLUDE team member Linda Garcia
Interview by reporter Charlize Silesky from @IONrevistainclusiva.

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