Upcoming: NIH Office of Data Science Strategy - December Data Sharing and Reuse Seminar

INCLUDE Investigator and leader of the INCLUDE DCC Administrative and Outreach Core, Dr. Joaquin Espinosa, will present Being FAIR in the pan-omics era: lessons from the INCLUDE Project on December 8, 2023, at 12 - 1 p.m. ET.

This presentation will discuss strategies and policies for effective sharing and reuse of large multidimensional datasets. Dr. Espinosa will discuss his experiences as a data generator, data analyst, collaborator, teacher, and mentor through the COVIDome Project, the Human Trisome Project, and the INCLUDE Data Hub. Dr. Espinosa will illustrate the power of sharing data ahead of publication and the need for user-friendly data sharing platforms and intuitive data visualization portals. His presentation will include real-life examples applicable to the study of COVID19 and Down syndrome. He will also present on the importance of developing training and education opportunities for diverse stakeholders. Lastly, he will discuss the importance of international data collection and sharing at a global scale.

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