Abbeduto, Leonard J PHD

University of California, Davis


MIND Institute Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center

Abbeduto, Leonard JBauman, Melissa DawnVan De Water, Judy A

– OVERALL The proposed IDDRC will support a translational science agenda focused on intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs). The IDDRC will integrate research from multiple disciplines and bridge basic and clinical science with the support of dynamic and cutting-edge scientific cores to arrive at treatments for IDDs. The IDDRC’s partnerships locally and nationally, and robust dissemination plan will ensure its discoveries improve the lives of individuals with IDD and their families.

Telehealth-delivered outcome measures for Spanish- and English-speaking people with Down syndrome

Abbeduto, Leonard J

The evaluation of interventions to promote development in the early decades of life and interventions to prevent or slow the progression of the declines leading to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) in people with Down syndrome (DS) requires psychometrically sound measures of change. The proposed project will build on one such psychometrically promising measure: Expression Language Sampling – Narration. In this project, we will expand the age range of validation, evaluate a linguistically and culturally appropriate Spanish-language version, and validate a new at-home caregiver-administered (telehealth-collected) version for individuals with DS.