Autism in Young Children with Down Syndrome

Baumer, NicoleBishop, Somer LFidler, Deborah J

This project aims to identify developmental and biomedical markers of risk for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in young children with Down syndrome to advance early screening procedures. This project will focus on two areas of potential ASD risk: (1) developmental presentation during early childhood and (2) co-occurring biomedical conditions. Results will inform revised recommendations regarding early ASD screening in children with Down syndrome ages 18 to 45 months, which will be disseminated to medical providers, interventionists, and researchers aiming to advance treatment for ASD and other co- occurring conditions associated with Down syndrome.

Feasibility and outcome measures for infants with Down syndrome: Advancing clinical trial readiness for a harness-based mobility intervention

Baumer, NicoleIverson, Jana M

The emergence of crawling and walking is significantly delayed in infants with Down syndrome (DS), but the development of independent mobility provides infants with new opportunities for exploring the environment and interacting with objects and people that are important foundations for early learning. Increasing infant mobility early in development with body weight supported harness systems may support infant exploration, communication, and social interaction. This project will set the stage for the first clinical trial of a mobility-related intervention specifically tailored for infants with DS by developing and refining procedures for collecting data longitudinally in the home, allowing us to deliver a home-based intervention that will be accessible to all families with infants with DS.