Botteron, Kelly N MD

Washington University in St. Louis


A Longitudinal MRI Study Characterizing Very Early Brain Development in Infants with Down Syndrome

Botteron, Kelly N

Down's syndrome (DS), the most common genetic cause of intellectual disability, is associated with a wide range of cognitive and behavioral impairments. Through the use of cutting edge MRI technology that allows us to look at the shape, function, and connections within the brain, we will be able to study and better understand early brain development in infants with DS. Working toward the goal to be able to assess the impact of specific early intervention therapies that are most helpful in improving the developmental outcomes of children with DS. This study mirrors and expands on the study designs and techniques that were developed to study infants with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Fragile X, and typically developing infants, and will allow us to further our understanding of maturation patterns of infant brains that we can apply to DS, ASD, Fragile X, and other disabilities.