Brown, Ruth C PHD

Virginia Commonwealth University


Depression, Stress, and Down Syndrome. A Multimethod Approach to Assessment

Brown, Ruth C

This K08 award will provide the candidate with the training necessary to pursue a multimodal program of research, including the development of assessment tools for depression and stressful life events and the incorporation of clinical and biomarker data to better identify depression in people with Down syndrome (Ds). Given that depressive symptoms are modifiable via psychosocial or pharmacologic intervention, the development of tools to facilitate the recognition of depression in people with Ds could lead to advances in research aimed at reducing the risk (or progression) of depression in this highly vulnerable population.

Development and Validation of the Down Syndrome Regression Rating Scales

Brown, Ruth C

Down Syndrome Regression Disorder (DSRD) is a devastating condition that is being increasingly identified and is of growing interest in the Down syndrome (DS) community. This study aims to recruit a large cohort of caregivers of adolescents and young adults with DS to develop and validate the Down Syndrome Regression Rating Scale, a novel low-burden assessment tool to aid in the screening and monitoring of DSRD.

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