JAK inhibition for treatment of psoriatic arthritis in Down syndrome

Pham, Andrew TRachubinski, Angela LEnriquez-Estrada, BelindaWorek, KayleighGriffith, MelissaEspinosa, Joaquin M


Those with Down syndrome (DS) face increased risk of several autoimmune conditions relative to the general population, including autoimmune thyroid disease (AITD), celiac disease, skin and heart conditions. Previous work has highlighted activity of molecules IFN and JAK as contributing to these issues, and this study looks at therapies that could use this knowledge. Investigators conclude that increased IFN and JAK signaling are contributing factors, and positive treatment of a patient utilizing JAK inhibition lays the groundwork for continued research. This research could lead to new therapies for those with DS facing autoimmune conditions.


Arthritis, Psoriatic