Crnic Institute Human Trisome Project™

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The Crnic Institute Human Trisome Project® (HTP) is an in-depth study of people with Down syndrome using the latest technologies in precision medicine. The goal of the HTP is to enable advanced therapeutic approaches to enhance the quality of life and extend the lifespan of those with trisomy 21 through the study of the co-occurring conditions of Down syndrome.

Principal Investigators

Espinosa, Joaquin M


The Human Trisome Project (HTP) leverages a multidisciplinary team of biomedical researchers, clinicians and data scientists located across multiple departments, divisions, institutes and centers at the University of Colorado who work together toward a single goal: to decipher why people with trisomy 21 have a different disease spectrum, being predisposed to some medical conditions while being protected from others.

The HTP Biobank provides de-identified samples and clinical information to collaborators that are necessary for investigations that advance our understanding of several co-occurring medical conditions in Down syndrome.

Studies using samples and data from the HTP Biobank are enabling the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutic approaches, serving not only individuals with Down syndrome, but also the billions worldwide affected by conditions that commonly co-occur in Down syndrome.

This collaborative and multi-disciplinary model allows for one of the largest and most comprehensive studies of individuals with Down syndrome to date, including extensive characterization at the clinical, physiological, cellular and molecular levels.