ABC-DS MOMs’ Supplement (Modification of Maternal AD risk in DS)

Christian, Bradley THanden, Benjamin LHead, ElizabethMapstone, Mark

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a major public health crisis for our aging population. People with Down Syndrome (DS) are at high risk for AD and because of their unique biology and provide an unparalleled opportunity to develop biomarkers of preclinical AD. This proposed pilot project will focus on parents of adults with DS, allowing us to address important questions related to the potential impact of a range of genetic factors on both maternal AD risk and AD risk to their DS offspring.

Aging and Dementia in Down Syndrome: Connectivity, Inflammation, and Cerebrovascular Contributions

Head, ElizabethSchmitt, Frederick

The proposed study will use gait identify early clinical signs of dementia reflecting Alzheimer disease (AD) in adults with Down syndrome (DS). Using magnetic resonance imaging and the GAITRite system to quantitatively measure gait, we will identify whether matter integrity losses are associated with gait and whether those regions are associated with early dementia symptoms. Identifying dementia earlier and resilience indicators provides opportunities to better track the progression of AD in DS and develop targeted interventions to improve the quality of life of DS individuals who are vulnerable to neurodegeneration.

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