Resnick, Adam Cain PHD

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


A Pilot for Enhancing Support for a Federated Framework of Biospecimens for Down Syndrome Research via the INCLUDE Data Hub

Espinosa, Joaquin MResnick, Adam Cain

The respective biorepositories of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Crnic Institute Human Trisome Project Biobank will partner with the INCLUDE Data Hub to support the proposed development of a centralized biorepository data resource to coordinate a single biospecimen data repository or a network of repositories curating and distributing tissue specimens, cell lines, and associated derived analytes such as DNA, RNA, metabolites or proteins relevant to Down syndrome research. Coordinating the linkages between samples, clinical data, and derived biosample characterization data and/files such that a federated framework of queryable samples are available as an integrated resource to the investigator community remains a fundamental challenge. This project will address this unmet need in the field.

Advancing the cloud-based data access and interoperability infrastructure of the INCLUDE data ecosystem

Di Giovanna, JackResnick, Adam Cain

The INCLUDE Data Hub has reached a significant milestone (MVP launch) featuring both open-access and controlled data. Investing in INCLUDE infrastructure that can serve controlled access data directly will empower more researchers with richer data; increasing the probability of advancing DS research. We will design, build, and integrate a Clearinghouse with the INCLUDE DRS Server and the NIH Researcher Auth Service (RAS) to create a secure and compliant system to serve controlled data within the INCLUDE Data Hub.